Nate Hammond is a rarity. A musician's musician: a soulful and technically outstanding guitar maestro with an ear for a fine tune.

As you may know, The Dogs have stopped recording publicly about 10 years ago. 2 platinum albums and 2 world tours took quite a lot out of us. I've now found myself involved in various technology initiatives.

Technology Intiatives

I am currently involved with the following companies as either a founder, investor, or partner. I'm always interested in leveraging the technologies here into new business. NetVillage is the leading provider of interactive communication and collaboration solutions for creating, hosting, and managing community-enabled B2B or B2C e-business web sites, portals, or special-interest vertical web communities. We provide high-end branded chat solutions for Entertainment Portals, Dating and Matchmaking, Services, Celebrity Events, and other interactive applications. Home of the most widely used Bulletin Board System (BBS) software tool on the planet - Worldgroup (aka The Major BBS). A secure file transfer solution. We have a lot of customers in the healthcare field. HIPAA. a dating site a dating site with a twist! coffee subscription

Some experimental music

Still under construction, but we are going to try to put links from our latest CDs on here. Yes, it has been a long while since we recorded, but I am trying some experimental techno pop on the PC now-a-days, let me know what you think!

A Scary Song

Artist: Me

Album: Pre-release

Released: Nope

Experiment w/ computer s/w

Artist: Me

Album: Pre-release

Released: Nope

Contact Nate

If you need to reach me for any reason, feel free to send a message or call,


  • 342 Main st
  • Laurel, MD. 20707

Phone Number

  • 301 - 498-7797


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